Kask Utopia - Team Ineos

IDR 5,300,000.00
Persediaan Habis

A heavenly ride awaits when you tackle the road with the Kask Utopia Road Helmet. No stone was left unturned in the design of the Utopia, using wind tunnel testing and created computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation, Kask were able to develop a helmet with unrivalled aerodynamics while retaining incredible ventilation. Compared to the competition the Utopia resulted in a saving of up to 6 watts when riding at 50kph. It may not sound significant but every little bit of saved energy is vital when going for the win. 

While aerodynamics were the primary concern, Kask didn't overlook ventilation. Using the data from their testing the design and engineering team have been able to optimise airflow so that you can use the Utopia all year round, even in warmer conditions. 

Head Circumference cm 50 - 56cm 52 - 58cm 59 - 62cm
inches 1923″ - 22″ 2012″ - 2256 2314″ - 2425