Kask Mojito X Road Helmet - Black Matt / Blue

IDR 2,500,000.00
Persediaan Habis
100% MADE IN ITALY the KASK Mojito has all the qualities of a very high-end lightweight, compact and especially very comfortable headphones. Its navy leather chinstrap (the highest quality synthetic leather on the market and salt resistant) gives MOJITO a very high-end aesthetic and avoids irritation problems related to friction. The up-n-down clamping system which has the particularity of tightening very low at the neck and will avoid the very unpleasant pressure point on the occipital bone and the forehead. The exceptional performance of this system saves you from having to tighten the helmet as much as possible for more comfort and safety. The MOJITO helmet has been approved by the SKY team for several years now.

  • 220g
  • Occipital tightening UP and DOWN
  • Multi In-Molding
  • LEATHER Jugular
  • Anti-bacterial foams