Exteondo 1976 Cycling Cap - Lime

IDR 325,000.00

A classic style cap that fits well under a helmet. The visor is convenient on rainy days to protect the eyes from rain.

Top Features:

  • Etxeondo 1976 styling to compliment the 1976 range
  • Multi panel construction
  • One size fits all

Product Data

High Visibility: No
Road: Yes

With a multi panel construction for added comfort and convenient visor to shield your eyes from the sun and rain, the Etxeondo 1976 Cycling Cap is the ideal accessory to keep you cycling all year around. Finished in Etxeondo's 1976 minimal graphics and colours, it can be styled with any kit choice and completes your Etxeondo 1976 outfit. 

Quality, Passion & Attention To Detail

A nod to Etxeondo's routes, the 1976 design concept brings attention to the year Etxeondo was founded. True today as it ever has been, they strive to create the perfect apparel of the highest quality for even the most demanding of rides. 

Combining bold colour combinations and stylish designs with high performing fabrics and innovative technology, you can be sure you will stand out and perform to your best in your Etxeondo kit.

About Cycle Headwear

Within our cycling headwear section you will find a range of headwear to use both on and off the bike, during the summer and winter months. We list a range of casual caps, race caps, balaclava's, headbands and skull caps. Cycling skull caps are designed to fit under a helmet and keep your head warm by retaining heat, headbands do a similar job but let the top of your head breathe - they're also great for keeping your ears warm on chilly mornings. Materials such as Windtex and Thermolite are often used in both to keep you comfortable.

About the Etxeondo brand

Francisco Rodrigo, owner and founder of ETXEONDO, originally started his career working in a sublimation workshop on top brands created by high end fashion designers, now known worldwide such as Dior or Balenciaga. Later on, his passion for sports led him to combine his experience in this industry with the development of high-quality, exclusive sport clothes. In 1976, he decided to concentrate on a apparel range for cyclists, given his profound love for the sport. The first workshop was set up in a friend’s building in the village of Etxeondo, within the municipality of Irura, near San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa. The brand was named in honor of this village. From the very start, exquisite care is given to every detail; an obsession for creating the best product by using only the best materials, craftsmanship and suppliers. Meticulous quality control measures have been implemented in each of the manufacturing processes, and all apparel is produced locally. Initially, the designs and patterns are created in the Irura plant. These are then used in the Castejon (Navarra) plant to produce the garments. The skilled staff are extremely proud of what the company represents, and this pride is shown in the high standard and quality of their work. It is therefore easy to understand how ETXEONDO is a current leader in apparel for cyclists, and known worldwide as a synonym of high quality. Etxeondo is available in over 30 countries and is continuing to grow at a constant rate.